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Every society has issues that need immediate attention. Social problems and issues are frequently referred to as the same thing. However, what is a definition of social issues? Why do they cause issues? And what is the root source of social problems?

Social issues are conditions or behaviours that have a detrimental effect on society’s constituents and call for a remedy. That is, these social issues affect both individuals and big groups of people, causing disturbance or misery.

We can determine whether a problem is a social concern based on four criteria:

  • A sizable section of the population suffers as a result of the issue.
  • The majority of the populace recognizes this problem as a serious one that demands attention.
  • The issue runs counter to what the bulk of the populace believes to be the ideals or tenets of that civilization.
  • Through social activity, access to resources, or legislation, the problem may be resolved.
  • Numerous issues plague most communities. However, if the problem doesn’t fit all four of the aforementioned criteria, it is not regarded as a social problem.

What Are The Causes Of Social Issue?

Many people disagree on the causes of societal issues, just as they do on how to remedy them. Social issues are frequently highly complicated.

Social science frequently struggles to identify a single core cause, making it challenging to come up with a fix.

Consider the topic of climate change.

Scientists have been researching the effects of human activity on the climate for many years. Scientists came to the conclusion that climate change is a problem for our planet using such data. The majority of people in our culture concur that climate change is an issue.

Consequently, a societal issue is climate change. Our society, however, cannot agree on the causes of or solutions to the problem of climate change.

Many additional issues share the same characteristics. On the root causes of societal problems, societies frequently disagree. It’s challenging to resolve these extremely complex issues without consensus on the causes.

However, social science researchers have discovered widespread factors that appear to contribute to widespread social issues:

  • Poverty
  • Over Population
  • Illiteracy And Gender Equality
  • Unemployment
  • Superstitious Beliefs

One, several, or all of these contributing variables may exist in a society.

Social Issues In india

Top 20 Major Social issues In India

  1. Gender Discrimination
  2. Dowry System
  3. Caste System
  4. Poverty And Unemployment
  5. Issues Related To Women
  6. Communalism
  7. Problems Of Children
  8. Issues Related To Elderly
  9. Substance Abuse
  10. Corruption
  11. Population Explosion
  12. Malnutrition
  13. Infanticide
  14. Infant Mortality Rate
  15. Education
  16. Rural Development
  17. Pollution
  18. Gender In-Equaity
  19. Rapsim
  20. Child Labor

First 5 Pages Of The Project

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Page 2Introduction Of Topic
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Page 4 Acknowledgement
Page 5Certificate

Present Status Of Social Issues In India

In the present, our government is developing numerous new programmes and making great efforts to eradicate these social concerns from our community.

The government has taken a number of actions, including: establishing public schools in rural areas Posing legal challenges to child labour Rural Areas That Are Growing Getting Rid Of The Difference Between Boys And Girls Perhaps in the near future, the administration of our nation should entirely eradicate all of these societal problems.

And our nation is eligible to join all the major nations in the planet.

Preventive Measure Of Social Issue

Only the following four feelings can help to solve social difficulties.

(1) A commitment to finding a solution

(2) Confidence in the ability to solve a problem,

(3) The process of using technical and intellectual skills and knowledge to solve problems.

(4) The idea that humans can expand infinitely as a result of their intelligence and efforts.

The following three factors should be considered when seeking to solve societal issues:


An atomistic view of a social issue is unattainable. Each challenge has some connection to the others.

Multi-Factor Approach

Each societal issue is brought about by various factors;

For instance, unless the issue of crime is seen in its whole in terms of poverty, unemployment, social ties, the functioning of social structures, tensions, and frustrations, among other things, it cannot be resolved.


There is a time and place element to every social problem. What one civilisation sees as a problem could not be seen that way in another.

Consequences Of Social Issue

Social problems can have very serious implications because they act as a termite on our civilization. A guy may be unable to realise his aspirations and lead the lifestyle he desires due to social issues including unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy.


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