Objective Physics For NEET Vol 1

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One of the most crucial tests for admission to AIIMS and other medical institutes is the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET).

National Testing Agency administers this test (NTA). The total number of points on this exam is 720, and there are three hours allotted for it.

You have three hours to complete questions in biology, chemistry, and physics. About 360 marks’ worth of questions come from biology, and the remaining 360 marks’ worth come from a combination of physics and chemistry.

You must practise thoroughly with a large number of questions using the most recent pattern and syllabus if you want to pass this exam with a high percentile.

Book Info

Book Name-
Objective Physics For NEET Vol 1
Page Count-584 Pages
Item Weight-830 gm
Author-DC Pandey
Publisher-Pearson Education; Fifth Edition

Objective Physics For NEET Vol 1 Content

  1. Basic Mathematics
  2. Units, Dimesons, And Error Analysis
  3. Vectors
  4. Motions In One Dimension
  5. Motion In A Plane And Projectile Motion
  6. Laws Of Motion
  7. Work, Power, Energy
  8. Circular Motion
  9. Centre Of Mass Conservation Of Momentum And Collision
  10. Rotation
  11. Gravitation
  12. Simple Harmonic Motion
  13. Elasticity
  14. Fluid Mechanism
  15. Thermometry, Thermal Expansion And Kinetic Theory Of Gases.
  16. Laws Of Thermodynamics
  17. Calorimetry And Heat Transfer
  18. Wave Motion

About The Author (DC Pandey)

DC Pandey is writer of Physical science, Mechanics, Power and Attraction, Optics and Present day Physical science, Wave and Thermodynamics BOOKS for IIT JEE Principal and High level, NEET.

DC Pandey’s physical science books and settled paper books are utilized by pretty much every competitor, training focuses in KOTA and all over India.

DC Pandey created books are on each should peruse BEST IIT JEE books list distributed and examined in IIT JEE training gatherings of bloggers, applicants, educators, counsels, advisors.


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